Only in ‘MERICA do we have the tradition of interviewing the president before a football game

Maybe I’m reading between the lines a little too enthusiastically. But Super Bowl 51 seemed to oddly mimic the race to the white house… If Trump is smart he would use the game as a metaphor for triumph. Or something like that.

Anyways, it’s nice to see people talking cheerfully about some national event that doesn’t incorporate riotous social justice crusades.


I love the comment on Facebook I saw regarding this photo


And as always, people are twisting their words to justify their insubstantial criticisms in lack of attempting any sort of deeper thought.

I would have to say it’s not only about the amount of executive orders, but also WHAT the executive orders are about. Plus, Obama didn’t fire capable and efficient workers just because they didn’t agree with him. That’s what’s so great about democracy..

Of course it doesn’t matter that one of the executive orders President Trump issued was exactly the same as Obama’s. (Hint: a certain travel ban that has now become infamous in relation to Trump.) Ironic how Obama makes obscure and passive aggressive remarks on an executive order he himself made in 2011, restricting the entry of individuals from particular Middle Eastern countries. Obama’s travel restriction was for six months. Trump’s was only intended for 120 days. And people are saying that it’s illegal and unconstitutional when no one batted an eye in 2011!

Now onto the “firing of capable and efficient workers”.


Sally Yates’ former job was to defend the government, something she had no intention of doing- which is technically inefficiency at her job. It is simple, black-and-white, very easy to interpret facts which fellow millennials on Facebook do not have the patience to absorb.

“My flower my power”

Today and yesterday everyone has been talking about the Women’s Marches all over the world. It is an interesting tactic to wield petulancy to fight for rights that are still very much available.

Instead of waving around giant bloody tampons (this was actually a thing), I wonder what percentage of the attendants are aware that the D.C. march was organized by a woman with ties to a terrorist organization?

I guess it doesn’t matter, or people really don’t care!